Hey,👋 I'm Casey!

I'm a software engineering nerd, who has been building performant and scalable software for the past 14 years. My favorite frameworks these days are GatsbyJS and TailwindCSS. I have a huge passion for helping others learn about technology, specifically software development and machine learning. Feel free to contact me if you need any help or have any questions!

- CJ Gerena

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My Philosophy

Who am I?

As I mentioned, my name is Casey or you can call me CJ. By day I'm a software engineer @ AWS. I love my job because it allows me to write amazing software and I also get to help people learn about the AWS cloud. When I'm not working, I write blogs, books, and create courses about software engineering and the importance of physical fitness. I have two incredible women in my life, my wife and my daughter, who support all of my crazy ideas and laugh at all my terrible dad jokes.

If you’ve ever met me before, either at a workshop, I’ve delivered, at re:invent, or perhaps watched or read a blog from me somewhere on the depths of the internet, I hope three things became evident to you.

  1. I love helping people learn about new things. I too love learning new things and I think anyone can learn anything, so long as they put in the work. In essence, as Einstein once said I believe in one thing — that only a life lived for others is a life worth living. and I agree with that.
  2. Through the years of mentoring other software engineers, and tutoring classmates in college. I've realized that it's extremely important to start with the fundamentals and then work your way up. I’m a big fan of keeping things simple. When you’re learning something new it’s helpful to start with simple examples and work your way up from there, that’s how I try and design each of my posts and workshops.
  3. Failure helps us learn, as such I love doing challenges. I believe that when we fail or when we challenge ourselves, is when we grow. As such I’ve begun to incorporate challenges in all of my workshops, blogs, books, and courses. I co-founded Nerd Challenges, which is a community of individuals who strive to improve themselves by completing challenges.

I'm here to help!

If I can help you out in any way, always feel free to contact me. Whether it's you need some help with learning GatsbyJS, just general career advice, or you want me to look at your software architecture, or perhaps you just want a cup of virtual coffee :).


Just a few things I'm passionate about and currently working on.

From Noob to Nerd: Building a Business Web App with GatsbyJS and TailwindCSS
In this book, I'll be taking you through how to set up your first web app, with GatsbyJS. The book is intended for software engineers, or people who are interested in learning about how to build scalable, performant web apps. The book is scheduled currently to be available for purchase on August 23rd, 2021. If you'd like to receive a one-time pre-release discount, you can sign up for my dev newsletter (sign up below) and I'll be emailing out codes at a later point in time.
AWS Certified Developer Official Study Guide: Associate Exam
I was a co-author for the official AWS Study Guide for the Developer Associate exam. If you're planning on taking the AWS Developer Associate Exam, I strongly encourage you to pick this up! You can buy it here.
Nerd Challenges
I co-founded a community of individuals who strive to improve themselves by completing challenges. You can find out more at nerdchallenges.com

Free GatsbyJS and dev tips!

About once a quarter I send out an email with some free tips, usually related to GatsbyJS (since I currently have an obsession with it), but sometimes just in general software engineering tips/info. I promise not to blow up your inbox with useless spam, because well, I hate that.

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    A picture of casey gerena in a UCF hat

    Let's work together

    Have a question? Want to hire me for a project? Need help on one of my courses or further clarification on something? I would love to hear from you! Just drop me a message using this form.

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