Practical Data Science

Updated on: 06 March 2020

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Introducing Amazon SageMakerAndy Jassyre:Invent 20175 mins
Amazon SageMaker WorkflowLeo Diracre:Invent 20185 mins
Amazon SageMaker Algorithms MotivationKumar VenkateswarChicago Summit 20183 mins
Amazon SageMaker Algorithms ScalabilityKumar VenkateswarChicago Summit 20184 mins
Amazon SageMaker Neo: Optimizing Models for DeploymentMatt Woodre:Invent 20182 mins
Amazon SageMaker Ground TruthAndy Jassyre:Invent 20182 mins
How Intuit Uses Amazon SageMakerNhung Ho, Intuit Head of Data ScienceSan Francisco Summit 20184 mins
How DigitalGlobe uses Amazon SageMakerWalter Scott, Digital Globe CTOre:Invent 20173 mins
Decision TreesJosh StarmerStatQuest17 mins
Gradient Boost: RegressionJosh StarmerStatQuest15 mins
Gradient Boost: ClassificationJosh StarmerStatQuest17 mins

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