AWS Certification Prep

Updated on: 20 December 2019

Exam Prep Info

This guide contains general resources and tips for studying for all of the certifications offered by AWS. Below are some tips and resources I've used when preparing for an exam.

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing any of these tools, just simply making you aware that they exist. Additionally, following these tips do not guarantee you will pass the certification exam

  1. Read and study FAQs prior to your exams
  2. Read and study Whitepapers prior to your exams
  3. Utilize there are many free videos and resources available here as well as Instructor Led Training
  4. If you're just learning about a service watch a deep dive on
  5. Perform labs on
  6. Take free courses on edx
  7. Take free courses on Coursera
  8. Read the Exam Guide
  9. Take the Sample Exam if available
  10. Review specific exam materials here:
  11. Take practice exams if available

General Video Resources (E-Learning)

  1. - The official resource for all AWS Training

Cloud Practitioner

Solutions Architect - Associate

Developer - Associate

Systems Operations - Associate

Solutions Architect - Professional

DevOps Engineer - Professional

Big Data - Specialty

Advanced Networking - Specialty

Security - Specialty

Machine Learning - Specialty

Alexa - Specialty

AWS and Third-Party Tools