Advanced Architecting on AWS Helpful Resources

Updated on: 03 February 2020

Architecture Helpful Resources

  • AWS What's New Blog -- A resource which shows you a listing of all the new feature announcements on the AWS platform.
  • AWS This Is My Architecture -- A site which contains video chalk talks discussing differnent architectures that all run on AWS.
  • AWS Blog Listing -- AWS publishes many great blog articles, this is a running list
  • AWS Architecture Center -- AWS Architecture Center contains mainly helpful blogs, videos, and resources from an architecture perspective.
  • AWS Solutions -- Has pre-built solutions that you can deploy to get your app up and running quickly.
  • AWS Quickstarts -- Infrastructure to get your applications deployed 'quick'ly.

Workshops and Labs

Below are some links to some great starter labs as well as tutorials to help you build solutions on AWS.

Great Videos From Webinars / re:invent


What's new in 2019/2020

AWS and Third-Party Tools

Links for class setup